Artem Sorokin — Founder and Chairman of the Board of Directors, Leber

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$21,5 М +
годовой оборот компании

The company manufactures and installs playgrounds, represented in the Russian Federation, Eurasian Union and Gulf countries, has offices in 4 countries, its own production, warehouses and transportation fleet.

$30 M +
annual company turnover
installed sites
Chairman of the Board of Directors Leber
Artem currently chairs the board of directors and oversees Leber's investment projects, also serving as head of the corporate business incubator.

The main focus of Artem's work:
  • shaping the company's strategy
  • development of new business areas, such as office furniture, full-field support, IT products and building a vertically integrated company
  • increasing the share of international sales, in particular in Central Asia and the Persian Gulf countries
4 new products
brought to market in 2023
8 dealers
outside Russia
127 elements of strategy
by which Leber's company is managed
Artem Romanovich works with private companies in the format of personal consultations, training and audits of various company systems, and is also open to offers to participate in boards of directors and other corporate governance bodies. Professional areas: finance, lending, building sales, corporate governance, creating new directions, logistics, building production facilities, auditing.
He teaches a course at the Russian School of Management, took part in the educational program School of General Director.
Russian School of Management
Course on I. Goldratt's Theory of Systems Constraints
CEO School
  • Speaking at an educational program
  • Series of classes on sales organization
Artem is expanding partnerships with educational institutions and disciplines where he is ready to author material. Artem is currently working on his own course on business growth, in which he has prepared lectures on marketing, finance and credit, hiring employees, the venture capital market, and bringing new products to new markets.
Artem is an active social networker and shares the secrets of running a large company, the knowledge he gains from regular training at the best business schools in the world, management approaches and his family's adventures in different countries.
  • built a financial model of the company
  • developed an author's method of hiring employees
  • created from scratch a production facility that now produces more than 150 million rubles per month
July 29, 1988.
2005 — 2007
2005 — 2007
2010 — 2020
2013 — 2015
2021 — 2024
2022 — 2024
Born in Moscow, graduated from school No. 278 with a gold medal. Since the tenth grade, he has been actively involved in school self-governance in the role of chairman of the school council. This resulted in a trip to a Moscow children's movement camp in Bulgaria as a counselor at the age of 16.
He entered MSCU (Moscow State Construction University), where he graduated with honors in Economics and Management of Enterprise (Construction).

In parallel with his studies at the institute, he continued to be engaged in public activities as a program manager of children's activist camps and coordinator of Moscow city training projects, working at the State Institution "House of Children's Public Organizations" of the Public Relations Committee from the age of 17.
Since the 3rd year of the institute together with a group of friends and like-minded people started a project on developmental educational tourism in the cities of Russia and CIS called «Going out on the town»

At the same time, I opened my first LLC with the same name as a director and founder. Within 2 years of running the business I managed to make a profit and regularly pay salaries to a team of 12 people.
With a group of colleagues, he founded a company selling children's play equipment. Already in the first full year, sales exceeded targets and reached over 100 million roubles.
Since the founding of the company, Artem worked as CEO until 2020, when he moved to the position of Chairman of the Board of Directors.
During this time, Artem
  • launched a finished goods warehouse and implemented a replenishment model.
With colleagues he developed the direction of construction of timber frame houses.

In 2 years, he created author's projects, a brand and a billing system. More than 20 houses were built, the proceeds from which exceeded the costs of launching the project.
He was the inspirer and organizer of the book "Leber Group: Business on the Hill", which was published in a limited edition of 2020 to mark the company's tenth anniversary.

The book is based on stories about the organization told by employees and partners. I took an active part in its compilation and editing.
Since 2021, he has also headed the Board of Directors of Priority, the sole and official representative of the Leber Group brand, and oversees the company's investment projects as well as the development of new directions and exports.
Develops an author's program on business growth for entrepreneurs. He acts as a mentor in several projects and also conducts consultations for businesses on the issues of growth and scaling of companies. He is open to suggestions for cooperation in this area.
  • obtained a credit line for replenishment of reserves, the amount of which now exceeds 500 million rubles.
  • acquired several offices and renovated them.
Early Student
«Going out on the town»
Leber Group Ltd.
Timber frame houses and glued laminated timber houses
«Leber Group: things are looking up»
Board of Directors
Teaching and consulting
The warehouse now turns around 1 billion goods a year, and its peak utilization in 2023 was 571 million.
Now the premises are used both for renting out and for the company's location
Shaping the silhouette of the urban environment.

Leber has a large production and warehouse complex.
Since 2010, the company has maintained high quality standards in the field of children's play equipment.
years on the market
educational institutions
annual output
10 000+
Acted as an expert on radio and television, namely: Radio Mayak, Russia 2, NTV, Channel 1, Moscow 24 and others.
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Boston University
90-hour English course January–March 2022
University of Miami
Intensive English Program, oral comprehension 5A
159-hour English course B1 and B2
96-hour English course B1
Instagram promotion
Columbia Business School
Value Investing: Making Intelligent
Investment Decisions
Columbia Business School
Developing and Leading High-Performance Teams
96-hour English course B2
Columbia Business School
Advances Financial Statement Analysis
Columbia Business School
Venture Capital Private Equity Program
Cambridge University
Business English, level B1
University of Miami
Intensive English Program
Columbia Business School
Corporate Governance
University of Miami
Award for IEP Summer..
Fundamentals of Quantitative Modeling
Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania
Rutgers University
Supply Chain Logistics
University of Miami
Award for IEP Fall 2021 semester
Georgia Institute of Technology
Supply Chain Principles
Russian School of Management
Quality Director
PYTHON crash course
Russian School of Management
Invention and Optimization in Production
Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania
Introduction to Corporate Finance
Diplomas and certificates
University of Illinois
Designing the Organization
Harvard Business School
Entrepreneurship Essentials
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Organizational Design for Digital Transformation